Wednesday, January 7, 2015

***PEARLS*** The Novel

Six children separated...years later will reunite.

Deane Armour was the baby. At nine months old, he was ripped away from the arms of a mother who loved him...but bad health and unfortunate circumstances forced Pearl to give up her family.

Now, at 50, and widowed with a brood of his own, Deane wants to find the missing links to his life. There has been unsettled part of him for half a century; now he will go on a quest to find the brothers and sisters he never knew.

Laci Chamberlain runs a sanctuary for abandoned animals, nursing them back to health. When she finds a handsome stranger poking around her land, she yearns to discover the story behind his sad blue eyes.

Laci owns the land that once belonged to Deane's parents before the bank foreclosed.

As Deane traces the roots of his family, he forms a magical bond with the woman who shows him what it is to feel alive again. Together, they will experience an awakening so strong.

Pearls is the story of love lost & found, of healing and renewal. Six lives will weave together, six pearls from a string of family that neither time nor space can hinder.

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